Imagine How Good It WILL Feel To Finally Have The Body You Want,

To Feel Good In And Out Of Clothes

And Never Have To Worry Or Stress About What To Eat

Or How To Workout

Who is this for?

To the ladies who are fed up trying SO hard to make progress.

Doing plan after plan, cutting their calories, exercising more, maybe seeing that initial loss then - boom- scales are up again.

Constantly having to re-start. It's exhausting.

I have been where you are.

I've done it all - I cut out carbs, I cut out all white food (that was an interesting time), I did paleo, I exercised more, I ran (I am not a runner).

All in an effort to be smaller.

My main goal to be completely honest was a flat stomach.

I felt like I was trying everything and getting nowhere.

Then I got a coach (a few actually). I had accountability.

After competing in Bikini shows I transformed my body. I loved the process, the dedication and training.

But the 'end goal' didn't live up to my expectations.

I thought when I had this tiny waist with popping abs I'd be happy.

I was the leanest I'd ever been but it honestly didn't bring me any happiness.

I didn't like how I looked being that lean, my energy was through the floor, work productivity suffered, my relationships suffered and my relationship with food was definitely put to test.

So instead of obsessing about getting smaller and lighter, I focused on building myself up- my confidence, my self-esteem.

I educated myself through continued professional development, personal training and nutrition qualifications.

I fueled myself properly to support my workouts- I went from training 7 days a week to 3 days a week and looked better for it.

My energy improved, my sleep improved,

my relationship with food couldn't be better.

I stopped putting life on hold to lose.

That's my hope for you too.

To help you find your best self- whatever that looks like to you, without sacrificing the things you love - be that meals out, wine with the girls or a takeaway as a family.

In a relentless pursuit of finding myself, of learning -about the body, the mind, pre/post natal specialist coaching, peri/post menopause, I'm confident I can help.

You can hear below from some of the Real Life Coaching Ladies I've had the pleasure to coach.

"This has completely changed my life,

I haven't ever had such a positive and healthy relationship with food.

I no longer dread going out socially because I know how to manage my calories and macros! I have more energy and I'm eating more than I ever have before.

I feel like my body has changed a lot and I'm so proud of how far I've come.

I have renewed my love for the gym, I enjoy getting out of the house to go for walks, and I feel like I'm a much happier person.

My family and partner have noticed a massive difference in me as a person, and would agree that this is the best thing I've ever done for myself."

We've worked with busy Moms who prioritized everyone around them

"Just WOW! Didn't think I could look or feel like this. Comfortable in myself, energy, motivation and it doesn't feel like an effort to maintain 😁"

"So glad that I took the leap, signed up and did something for ME 💃🏻

You're a wealth of knowledge and support and I love the group atmosphere and the talks."

"Just simply Amazing. I have never been so dedicated to anything in my life, let alone on something that is just for me. This has totally and utterly changed me physically and mentally. I don't recognise myself anymore, I'm way fitter but also way stronger mentally and I can face anything. In a way it makes me feel a little sad for my past self, I wish I had started this programme years ago and saved myself years of agro! But there's no point looking backwards, I think I just would love to give my old self a hug and tell her not to stress because we're finally going to take things in hand! "

How I CAN Help


Nutrition Made Easy

- Real Life Coaching nutrition blueprint, bespoke to you, enabling you

to get results eating the foods and drinks you love, restriction free

- A full education approach to nutrition with guides and expert trainings

- Done for you healthy meal ideas and templates

- How to prepare hundreds of healthy meals (quick and easy)

- How to make healthy family friendly meals

- Learn how to prepare time saving meals you’ll love

- Discover how to navigate weekends, meals out and social events

- A step by step guide to trips, holidays and Christmas


Tailored Exercise for optimum results

- A bespoke exercise plan to suit your goals, schedule and experience

- Workout routines personal to you on your app, for home or gym,

with video demonstrations, refreshed regularly to ensure you’re

making progress

- Learn how to workout efficiently and effectively to get

maximum results in less time


Mindset - Habits - Lifestyle

- A lifestyle recalibration to perform at your best

- Put the breaks on emotional eating with our psychotherapist training 

- Discover how to maximize your sleep and stress management 

- Develop an unstoppable mindset for success

- Learn the tools to build life-long healthy habits

- Break free from the ‘all or nothing’ mindset

- Eliminate self-sabotage with our in-house Clinical Psychologist so

you never need to rely on motivation again


Accountability - Support

- In-depth video call with your coach to establish goals and action

steps to start your transformative journey

- DAILY support, guidance and accountability with your coach via

personal text and voice note 

- A private community of like minded women lifting each other up and

inspiring you to be your best self

- Weekly roundtable group coaching call on a variety of topics to equip you with knowledge to build habits to achieve results

- In group - weekly goal setting to keep you pushing forward

- Weekly meal ideas

- Personal 1:1 video calls with your coach to instill motivation and

actionable steps

- Weekly check ins with your coach to keep you accountable and

review your coaching journey, and make tweaks to ensure you’re

making progress

Ladies going through perimenopause to post menopause

Menopause can be extremely challenging for many.

Fat loss can be harder still.

Maybe you don’t recognise yourself any more?

With the right support, guidance and want to change - it’s possible to feel like you again.

14.3lb lighter

and 46cm lost

"I never thought my life

would start at 50!"

Ladies in their 40s and 50s

"This is best thing I have done for myself. I'm learning about my body, my emotions, my relationship with food and exercises. I lost weight, I lost cm, I am complimented on my figure, I am more confident and I am geared to continue to get where I am happy and enjoy my life."

Some found new confidence in their 40s

and did a photoshoot

Those who were working out HARD

but not seeing results

"You promised me I would have a completely different mindset

about food and you were right.

I'm enjoying working out and wearing things to work I have dreamed of for ages!"

Ladies post-partum and with small kids

"If I said it once i'll say it a hundred times more: best decision to join!!

I am less stressed, smiling more, sleeping better, fit in cloths that I was ready to throw away as they were way too small.

I see sustainable results, I am enjoying my food and love the exercises as they are tailored for me with what I like in mind. It's a way of life, a happier way of life."

and ladies stuck in an endless diet cycle

"Very happy as always! Really seeing recently the huge changes in my thinking & behaviours and I would never have had that without working with you.

It feels great knowing I'll never return to the cycle of dieting & bingeing again,

I've learned so much!"

"It's like I'm not on a diet at all because I'm eating all the foods I like and having a social life. There's no more guilt after having an event. I've learned with the help of Aisling that you can enjoy life and not starve yourself for the week after it. It's a great feeling going to bed content and full while still seeing progress every week.

There's a reason why it's called real life coaching because it feels like I'm having a life and no aspect of it is suffering because I'm starving because I'm on a diet.

One main thing that I've learned from this is that by not restricting yourself, you're less likely to binge, so my relationship with food has changed completely."

"Brilliant personalised coaching, non-restrictive and so educational!

Don't feel like I'm dieting at all. Can eat what I choose! The work out app is great too - can see all your stats so easily and progress each week! 10/10"

"Just unreal! It's totally changed how I view foods and my lifestyle.

I've a birthday coming up and normally that would be a day to have a massive "cheat day".

I will celebrate a bit at the weekend but I no longer need to have a massive treat dinner because my current meals are so satisfying and full of food that I previously thought wasn't a "gym food" or beneficial to a diet.

I'm getting to enjoy all my meals and no longer feel the old desire to binge on all the carbs and sweets!"

"As always absolutely loving it! Had our wee catch up call and I mentioned my IBS symptoms being massively improved and I credit it to this! Actually eating a decent amount of food and encouragement to focus on healthy fats and fibre.

No flare ups in 6 weeks and bloating improved. And loving Aisling as always so supportive."



Dr Aisling Gough

Aisling has coached thousands of women, helping them break free from restrictions, ditching the fad diets and achieving long-term success. Finally feeling happy in their own skin.

For women who want to feel like YOU again, be that post-partum or menopause or just after years of dieting or putting others first.

Real Life Coaching is evidence based, informed coaching that puts YOU first. It's built around you, your busy life, your preferences so you don't have to cut out the things you love.

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